Newtonian gravity is way cool. So, cool that I will show you how you can make your own HTML5 canvas game simulating gravity. Don’t worry it won’t be hard. I will write down every step which is needed for our game.

It should be noted, that HTML5 is not a really new technology, but the canvas might still not work everywhere as expected (blame IE).

function gravitateTo(planet, obj) {
  var r   = planet.pos.distanceTo(obj.pos),
      f   = (planet.mass*obj.mass)/(r*r),
      phi = obj.pos.angleTo(planet.pos);

  obj.gravity.setPolar(phi, f);
  return gravity;

Vector basics

The game that we will write, needs a way to represent forces: velocity, acceleration and etc. The tool that we need is vectors.

I won’t really get into the vector basics, you must already be familiar with the easy stuff:

  • vector addition (therefore substitution)
  • multiplication (and division)
  • scaling (multipling a vector with a scalar number)

We will need some more than that, but this is the basics.

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